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  1. gro·tesque (grō-tĕsk′) adj. 1. Characterized by ludicrous, repulsive, or incongruous distortion, as of appearance or manner. See Synonyms at ugly. 2. Outlandish or bizarre, as in character or appearance. See Synonyms at fantastic. 3. Of, relating to, or being the grotesque style in art or a work executed in this style. n. 1. One that is grotesque.
  2. Grotesk definition, Gothic (def. 12). See more. Boost your bragging rights with a perfect score on the words from August 10 to August 16, !
  3. Grotesque definition is - a style of decorative art characterized by fanciful or fantastic human and animal forms often interwoven with foliage or similar figures that may distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature. How to use grotesque in a sentence. Did You Know? Synonym Discussion of grotesque.
  4. Herzlich Willkommen auf der grotesken Seite des Lebens! Ich bin ein deutscher YouTuber und möchte euch vorrangig mit Gaming-Content versorgen. Ich wünsche eu.
  5. Dec 04,  · groteske — — 1) When an adjective is applied predicatively to something definite, the corresponding "indefinite" form is used. 2) The "indefinite" superlatives may comparative: grotesker.
  6. German Diese groteske Situation hat wenigstens etwas Positives: Sie zeigt uns, daß es der EZB sehr um den repressiven Aspekt ihrer Tätigkeit geht. more_vert. open_in_new Link to source; warning Request revision; This quite farcical situation at least has the merit of showing that the ECB is primarily concerned with the repressive side of its.
  7. Groteske Skulpturen sollten böse Geister abschrecken oder dienten einfach als Dekoration.: Grotesque sculptures were used, on medieval buildings, to scare off evil spirits or simply as decoration.: Mit dieser Groteske verweist Kurkow auf zwielichtige Figuren der jüngsten ukrainischen Geschichte - Viktor Juščenko und Julia Timošenko.: The grotesque tale refers to the dubious figures in.
  8. grotesque meaning: 1. strange and unpleasant, especially in a silly or slightly frightening way: 2. wrong or unfair. Learn more.

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