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  1. Macabre definition is - having death as a subject: comprising or including a personalized representation of death. How to use macabre in a sentence. Where does the word macabre come from? Synonym Discussion of macabre.
  2. ma·ca·bre (mə-kä′brə, mə-käb′, -kä′bər) adj. 1. Upsetting or horrifying by association with death or injury; gruesome: "When Lucia describes [the saints'] torments, Jo sees a chorus of macabre dolls, most of them missing parts" (Nancy Reisman). See Synonyms at ghastly. 2. Constituting or including a representation of death. [Ultimately.
  3. Macabra originally drew inspiration from the mythical creature Ao Ao, which is a "sheep-like creature that eats humans". The current design and concept is more inspired by the common English saying: "a wolf in sheep's clothing" now.
  4. In works of art, the adjective macabre (US: / m ə ˈ k ɑː b / or UK: / m ə ˈ k ɑː b r ə /; French:) means "having the quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere". The macabre works to emphasize the details and symbols of term also refers to works particularly gruesome in nature.
  5. Jan 16,  · Directed by William Castle. With William Prince, Jim Backus, Christine White, Jacqueline Scott. A doctor's daughter is kidnapped and buried alive, /10().
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  7. Apr 17,  · Directed by Lamberto Bava. With Bernice Stegers, Stanko Molnar, Veronica Zinny, Roberto Posse. A middle-aged woman, traumatized from the death of her adulterous lover, moves into a room at a New Orleans boarding house where the blind landlord becomes suspicious to her activities of continuing her affair with her dead lover.6/10(K).

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