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Set Back

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  1. Definition of setback. (Entry 1 of 2) 1: a checking of progress. 2: defeat, reverse. 3: pitch entry 4 sense 7. 4: a placing of a face of a building on a line some distance to the rear of the building line or of the wall below also: the area produced by a setback.
  2. set•back. (ˈsɛtˌbæk) n. 1. a check to progress; a reverse or defeat. 2. a recession of the upper part of a building from the building line. 3. an act or instance of setting back. [–75] Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © K Dictionaries Ltd. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc.
  3. Setback A distance from a curb, property line, or structure within which building is prohibited. Setbacks are building restrictions imposed on property owners. Local governments create setbacks through ordinances and Building Codes, usually for reasons of public policy such as safety, privacy, and environmental protection.
  4. If you're building a home, shop or some other structure, it's unlikely you'll be able to locate it directly onto the street. Each city has specific rules about how far a property must be located.
  5. Sep 30,  · Open Start > Settings > Update & security > Recovery > under Go back to my previous version of Windows 10, click Get started.
  6. noun a check to progress; a reverse or defeat: The new law was a setback. Architecture. a recession of the upper part of a building from the building line, as to lighten the structure or to permit a desired .
  7. something that happens that causes a delay or prevents a process from continuing: He suffered a setback yesterday in his attempts to take a stake in the mobile phone company. a setback to/for sth .
  8. Aug 20,  · set back 1. phrasal verb If something sets you back or sets back a project or scheme, it causes a delay. It has set us back so far that I'm not sure if we can catch up.
  9. You just set back and pretend you don't want to sell at all. When a sack was full it was tied up and set back out of the way. To pass this one is to set back the hands on the dial of reform. Some planets .

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